Very update, much public blog, very pagination, wow RSS Feed !

18-02-2015 11:44 by depado

Public Blog

Are you doing tests ? Ashamed of your articles ? Anyway, you can now tell if you don't want your posts to be displayed on the explore page. Go to your settings page and toggle !


Starting to get a huge load of posts ? (I know it's not the case... No one has a huge number of posts... Yet at least) Or you simply want your blog to look cleaner... Whatever. In your settings page you can now activate and deactivate the pagination setting and define a number of article per page. Give it a try !

RSS Feed

Now all your blogs have a RSS Feed associated ! The last 15 articles you wrote will be in it ! You can see the url of your own rss feed on the settings page. There is also a button displayed on your blog profile so that your readers can subscribe and read your amazing content every time you post something new ! Isn't that great ?