Feedback Request

09-03-2015 15:51 by depado

Feedback Request

For the past few weeks I have been inactive on that project, mainly for personnal reasons and lack of time. But my ideas are still there, and I want to keep developping this blog engine.

Why do I ask for feedback ?

I have been showing this website to some friends and everyone asks me the same question : What's the point ? What's the purpose of this ?
I think I don't really know how to introduce this website. Some people think it's just my personnal blog. Other people think it's a software they need to install on their server to make it work. It's a blogging engine that uses Markdown as content. It allows you to create your own blog with its own subdomain and to customize it. That's why I'd love to get some feedback about what could be improved. I already detected many problems, mainly with Https which I intend to fix soon. Here are some places you can comment and help me improve MarkDownBlog : OpenClassrooms Topic (French) GitHub Repository (English and French) Using the issue feature