Two updates to customize your blog even further !

12-03-2015 10:25 by depado

Syntax Highlighter Theme

You now have the ability to choose the theme of your syntax highlighting. If you want to have a look at what each theme looks like, you can go here. All credits for those themes goes to Richard Leland, here is the GitHub Repository of the themes. Don't hesitate to change the theme to whatever feels better to you and give me some feedback if there is a bug with one of the themes.

Truncated Articles

You now have the ability to choose if you want to truncate your articles on your blog index page. Meaning if you think your articles are too long, they can be truncated for about 300 chars. (It truncates the HTML directly). It adds a link at the bottom of the truncated article to access the full article (which can also be achieved by clicking the article's title).